The team is growing!!

I (Kristin) was able to meet with the principals at Brighton’s two elementary schools (CRPS and FRES) and middle school (TCMS) to share the vision for having the ‘Chip in for CHILE’ project be adopted as a service project.  My hope was to, at the very least, have each of our children’s classrooms take it on as a project.

Well… the results FAR exceeded my expectations!!  Each building has adopted ‘Chip in for CHILE’ as a school-wide project!!  How exciting is that??!!??

The TCMS (6th-8th grades) Student Council will be meeting today to discuss the details of their drive from March 22-26.  Addison, our 8th grader, will be working alongside the student council representatives.

At FRES (3rd-5th grades), our 4th grader, Isaac, has been working with the principal, to prepare for his video presentation during the school’s morning announcements next week.  They will also be having their hat & mitten drive the week of March 22nd.

And at CRPS (K-2nd grades), the 2nd grade class will be leading the way with the hat & mitten drive in that school!

Two things we have to work on:

1 – Hopefully we’ll need lots and lots of duffel bags for all of these winter accessories!  Is anyone in the area connected to a kids’ hockey league?  If so, please let me know.  I was wondering if maybe some hockey teams or players or leagues would be willing to donate hockey bags for us to use to transport all of these winter accessories.

2 – We are hoping to connect with Delta airlines (that’s the airline that we are using to fly to Chile) and see if they would be willing to waive the luggage fees for these hockey bags.  Anyone have connections with Delta or may be able to help us out with this?




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7 responses to “The team is growing!!

  1. Sue Fedoryshyn

    Hi Kristin, our neighbor is a Delta pilot, I will ask him when I get a chance and let you know!

    • sincerelykristin

      That would be GREAT, Sue!! Thanks 🙂

      • sincerelykristin

        I have noticed that a good number of companies have adopted service projects (such as Verizon giving free calls to Chile throughout the month of March). I am hoping that Delta might be willing to take this on as a small project as well.

  2. Mark Mutton

    Hey Kristin,

    A good friend of mine who attends our church is the Men’s Hockey Coach for SUNY Brockport. I think he would be very interested in this. I will call him and let you know.

    • sincerelykristin

      woohoo!!!!! Teamwork – I love it!!

      • Mona Zamiarski

        Are you still in need of hockey bags at this point? If so, let me know and I will see who we can talk to. I chuckled to see SUNY B’Port mentioned as a potential hockey bag spot. In my first year of college, many moons ago, I had a work study job at that ice rink. My favorite part was prep and clean up of the game day locker rooms……..I can still smell the hockey equipment bags to this day : ) Here’s to lots of un-smelly bags for your travels…….

      • sincerelykristin

        A couple more would be great if you can get them – thanks!

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